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Draco Academy is one of the premier martial arts studios in the Chicago area with a series of curricula designed to accomplish the best results for each age range of our students’. Our adult curriculum is specifically designed to safely teach martial arts to men and women at their own individual fitness level, as well as increase their individual fitness. Each of our self defense classes possesses a unique step-by-step methodology of training to ensure success. Martial arts programs teach a variety of different skills that have the ability to create healthy programs for our clients. Some of the targeted goals for our self defense classes are weight management, stress reduction, increased flexibility and cardio fitness. Each student will also achieve the applicable skills of the martial arts forms that we teach at Draco Academy, and the confidence to execute them in a self defense situation.

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All of Draco Academy’s youth-oriented curricula are designed to provide children and teens with a solid foundation of values and behaviors upon which to build a successful future. We have developed a number of self defense classes for children of all ages to teach them martial arts, as well as specific disciplines to improve their behaviors and quality of life. You can see what other students and their families have said about Draco Academy in the Testimonials section. 

Draco Academy promotes the values and attitudes that parents consider important. We view the study of Taekwondo as a way to improve one’s body, mind, and character. In addition to learning Taekwondo, children will memorize and live by the Children’s Home Rules and the tenets of the Martial Arts. 

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  • By Michael Brown - on Reply

    Absolutely amazing! Due to my job I have been forced to use my skills learned at Draco Academy in a recent life and death situation in a knife attack. I’m bless to walk away from the situation without being seriously hurt. Through my background and training at Draco Academy I’m still here to tell my story. Thanks Draco Academy!!

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