Draco Martial Arts Academy in Dyer, Indiana

Draco Martial Arts Academy in Dyer, IN, has been offering individuals a unique martial arts experience since 1997. Our classes are fun, teach worthwhile disciplines to help achieve positive results, and gain confidence along the journey.  Our Hapkido and Taekwondo classes teach students respect and discipline so they know how to use martial arts, and more importantly, when to use it.

Dyer, IN Martial Arts

In Dyer, Indiana, martial arts training can be taught to any persons, regardless of psyche, age, or gender. Adults will find that martial arts training can be a fun, effective, and healthy way to relieve stress and improve cardiovascular health. Teens (and their parents!) will find that martial arts training helps to concentrate their energy and teach them how commitment creates positive results. For children, they will learn discipline inside a positive, supportive learning space. The confidence gained from our martial arts’ classes will reconstruct a person’s outlook and improve how they feel about themselves, which helps their work, school, and social life.

Our Hapkido and Taekwondo martial arts academy in Dyer, Indiana, has an encouraging, family-friendly environment and a diversified, flexible schedule to satisfy the needs of all martial arts students. This allows for students to practice martial parts in a safe environment at a time that works for them. Our Hapkido and Taekwondo classes are separated to tailor the needs of multiple age groups, so all students have the opportunity to learn, grow, exercise, and have fun each time they come in.

Draco Martial Arts Academy located in Dyer, IN

14785 W 101st Av.

Dyer, IN, 46311

Phone: (219) 558-8228


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Homewood School


Our Illinois location.

Address: 18061 Dixie Hwy
Homewood, IL 60430
Phone:    (708) 799-4824 IL

Email: info@dracoacademy.com

Dyer School


Our Indiana location.

Address: 14785 W 101st Av
Dyer, IN 46311
Phone: (219) 558-8228

Email: info@dracoacademy.com

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