There will come a time in every person’s life when he or she is faced with a challenge — the question is how to approach it. Whenever I am challenged by something, I reflect on a proverb that has always inspired me. There was once an old, wise master with two dogs; one black and › Read more
When you start the practice of the martial arts, no matter what the style your core will and always be basic techniques. The basics are universal to all systems of the martial arts. This is the foundation of your training. All higher levels of skill in the martial arts are just basics mastered. Most will › Read more
A student who had not been practicing very long was warming up before class. A high-ranking black belt student approached the beginner and introduced himself, asking how his practice was going. This senior student possessed great skill and was known by all to be one of the best martial artists in the school. The beginner › Read more
It is said that courage is the ability to resist and defeat feelings of fear. The most courageous acts of respected Martial Artists often have little to do with their ability to dominate others with their physical skills, but more with their inner strength. Courageous people are grown, not born, but the seeds of courage › Read more
One of the reasons Martial Arts training brings so much satisfaction is that it teaches new ways to look at situations as well as new skills. Draco Academy’s training program involves all the technical moves you’ll need to advance through your training. In addition, a true Martial Artist cannot expect to make progress without changes › Read more
Although the “Three R’s” are key to your child’s education, parents also need to be very concerned about D, A, and T…namely, Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco. According to a study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 27% of all eighth graders have tried illicit drugs and 54% have tried them by the 12th grade. › Read more
  1. Every day, remind yourself that you did some things well. Instead of dwelling on what didn’t work out quite right, or the tasks you didn’t finish, focus on what you did accomplish. 2. Read inspiring biographies and autobiographies. Read books, articles, and magazines. What qualities helped this person achieve their goals? What positive › Read more
  Parents have the responsibility of helping their children select books, toys, video games and TV programs that are appropriate for each individual child. Entertainment materials should be fun, engaging and spur creative fantasy. Reading books stimulates a child’s imagination. Video game selections should be balanced between entertainment and education. Child psychologists believe that some › Read more
  Once upon a time, there was a farmer. He had lived in a farming community and had farmed like his neighbors…for all his life. As time passed by, he became bored with farming traditional crops. He still loved farming, but felt unchallenged. So he set about the business of searching alternative crops. Making a › Read more
Here is a list of ways you can solve conflict non-violently. There are many more ways. Perhaps you, your friends, family, teachers or your Draco Academy instructors can think of others. Walk Away: Don’t get into it. Just walk away. This is a simple and often-overlooked way to end conflict before it begins. Ignore the › Read more

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5 Benefits of Taking Women’s Self-Defense Classes
There’s no better feeling than knowing you are independent and can look after yourself. That includes being able to defend yourself in a dangerous situation. However, self-defense classes for women can offer far more than the ability to defend yourself, they can improve your focus, self-awareness and all-around fitness too. Here are five benefits associated
Most students who enroll with us here at Draco Academy want to know how quickly they can progress through the Taekwondo belt system. Essentially, how quickly can they achieve their ultimate goal to be a coveted black belt? It goes without saying that to pass the black belt test requires considerable dedication, hard work, and
What to Do When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Go to Class
Classes are an investment in time, energy and money. Also, regular attendance is important to attain advanced level skills. Consider these five tips if your child is reluctant to attend classes. 1. Be mindful of your child’s activities before class. Are they having fun playing with toys? If so, that can wait until after class.
How to Fight Bullying with Patience and Confidence
  At some point in the life of a young person, he or she will likely encounter a bully. At school, or when hanging out with friends, children must learn to deal with bullies in a way that is safe, smart, and effective. It’s hard to teach children how to deal with the adversity of
5 Ways to Prepare for Your Black Belt Test
Everyone knows what a black belt is, but did you know that only 1 in 10,000 martial arts students earn a black belt? With so much at stake, it would be foolish to just “wing it” the day of. An achievement like a black belt needs physical and mental preparation if one wants to earn
Taekwondo vs. Hapkido: Which Should You Study?
Martial arts, in all forms, are widely practiced and have a wide range of benefits. All forms support an active lifestyle, encourage focus and stillness, aid in weight loss, increase self-confidence levels, help tone muscles, and improve cardiovascular health. Most students at our Illinois martial arts school in Homewood hone in on hapkido or taekwondo