Hapkido Training Is Better With a Friend!
If there’s anything we love to see at our martial arts schools in Homewood Illinois and Dyer Indiana, it’s the camaraderie that develops between our students. Whether they participate in our taekwondo classes, hapkido training or both, students of all ages enjoy connecting with others and making new friends. So much so, that it’s not › Read more
Martial arts schools help to reduce stress
Whether you’re a student adjusting to a new school or an adult navigating a busy season at work, we all experience stress. Good stress can motivate us, inspire us and push us to break barriers. On the other hand, bad stress can overwhelm or frustrate us. When unchecked or mismanaged, this stress can even manifest › Read more
Our Illinois Martial Arts School Takes a Stand Against Teen Dating Violence
National statistics show that nearly 1.5 million U.S. high school students experience physical abuse from a dating partner in a single year.1 February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and, as the leading provider of self defense classes in Dyer and Homewood, Draco Academy is asking others to join us in taking a stand. › Read more
Being Bullied at School? Try Hapkido Training
Unfortunately, bullying is still a widespread issue in our schools. National bullying statistics reported that, on average, 35% of 12-18 year old students are involved in traditional bullying while 15% are involved in cyberbullying. What does that mean for students? Bullying has the potential to cause negative social, mental and emotional outcomes for school-age children › Read more
Set Your Martial Arts Goals for 2017
The start of the new year inspires a season of reflection and goal-setting. As you think about what you would like to accomplish in 2017, you’re probably considering your fitness goals, as well. At Draco Academy, we teach our students the value of hard work, discipline and motivation. We’re excited to see how those values › Read more
The Best Martial Arts Training in Illinois and Indiana – Here’s Why!
Choosing the right martial arts training facility can be a difficult task. More than quality instruction and a state-of-the-art dojo, you should be on the lookout for a strong, supportive student community. After all, your classmates will eventually become your friends and motivators as you train together toward a common goal. If you’ve been searching › Read more
4 Reasons Why Martial Arts Is Perfect for Adults!
Tired of the traditional gym setting? Have you had enough of barbells and treadmills? Martial arts presents an alternative workout that strengths the body, sharpens the mind and contributes to overall wellness. Here are 4 ways that a martial arts training session can boost your workout regimen: Weight Management: With every high-powered kick and punch, › Read more
School’s (Almost) Out – Kick Off Your Summer With Us!
If school isn’t already out, the sweet promise of summer vacation is right around the corner. As students everywhere prepare for fun in the sun, parents are on the lookout for fulfilling youth programs. Looking for an option beyond the traditional soccer camp and baseball league? Here are 3 reasons to consider martial arts classes as › Read more
3 Ways to Prepare for Martial Arts Testing
The day has come. After weeks of training and renewing your mind with positive, focused thoughts, the challenge of your first martial arts testing session awaits. Perhaps you’re energized by the possibility of advancing to a new rank. Maybe you’re impartial – welcoming the testing experience as an opportunity for fun and learning. Or, are › Read more
There will come a time in every person’s life when he or she is faced with a challenge — the question is how to approach it. Whenever I am challenged by something, I reflect on a proverb that has always inspired me. There was once an old, wise master with two dogs; one black and › Read more

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5 Benefits of Taking Women’s Self-Defense Classes
There’s no better feeling than knowing you are independent and can look after yourself. That includes being able to defend yourself in a dangerous situation. However, self-defense classes for women can offer far more than the ability to defend yourself, they can improve your focus, self-awareness and all-around fitness too. Here are five benefits associated
Most students who enroll with us here at Draco Academy want to know how quickly they can progress through the Taekwondo belt system. Essentially, how quickly can they achieve their ultimate goal to be a coveted black belt? It goes without saying that to pass the black belt test requires considerable dedication, hard work, and
What to Do When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Go to Class
Classes are an investment in time, energy and money. Also, regular attendance is important to attain advanced level skills. Consider these five tips if your child is reluctant to attend classes. 1. Be mindful of your child’s activities before class. Are they having fun playing with toys? If so, that can wait until after class.
How to Fight Bullying with Patience and Confidence
  At some point in the life of a young person, he or she will likely encounter a bully. At school, or when hanging out with friends, children must learn to deal with bullies in a way that is safe, smart, and effective. It’s hard to teach children how to deal with the adversity of
5 Ways to Prepare for Your Black Belt Test
Everyone knows what a black belt is, but did you know that only 1 in 10,000 martial arts students earn a black belt? With so much at stake, it would be foolish to just “wing it” the day of. An achievement like a black belt needs physical and mental preparation if one wants to earn
Taekwondo vs. Hapkido: Which Should You Study?
Martial arts, in all forms, are widely practiced and have a wide range of benefits. All forms support an active lifestyle, encourage focus and stillness, aid in weight loss, increase self-confidence levels, help tone muscles, and improve cardiovascular health. Most students at our Illinois martial arts school in Homewood hone in on hapkido or taekwondo