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There’s something about our self defense classes that families can’t get enough of – so much so that we offer our action-packed taekwondo and hapkido training at, not one, but two different locations! Whether you’re a long-time admirer of the martial arts, you’re looking to expose your kids to a new hobby, or you’re exploring a new way to stay active, Draco Academy is here to serve you.

Can’t make it to any of our martial arts classes in Homewood, Illinois? Don’t worry! Our hapkido and taekwondo training is available to students in Indiana, too. In fact, we have the best self defense classes Indiana has to offer! Check out some highlights of our Dyer Indiana martial arts school.

Our Indiana self defense school offers diverse programs

Our students never run out of martial arts styles to perfect. From hapkido to taekwondo to karate, Draco Academy offers comprehensive martial arts programs that ground students in the fundamentals and encourage mastery of more complex techniques over time. The day you show up for your first class at our Indiana martial arts school only marks the beginning of your journey with us. Through careful instruction, positive reinforcement and regular evaluations, we encourage students to explore a spectrum of martial arts philosophies and techniques.

Study martial arts near Dyer, IN, at any age

If you’ve ever been interested in studying martial arts near Dyer, IN, now is your time! Draco Academy offers a wide range of classes for students ages 5 to 105! Regardless of your age or skill level, our instructors are trained to meet you where you are and foster steady growth. There’s no need to worry about competing against the student to your right or left. Your only competition is you! As you develop at our Indiana martial arts school, you’ll notice a boost in your self-confidence, self-trust and overall sense of being – attributes that will benefit you for a lifetime. It’s never too late to tap into the grounding experience of our self defense classes in Indiana.

Our self defense classes in Indiana focus on the whole student

Unlike other facilities for martial arts near Dyer, IN, our instructors truly care about developing the whole student. If you’ve mastered a new hand technique or memorized all the basic stances, but you’re not an asset to your community or an honorable student, you’ve fallen short of everything martial arts has to offer. Rooted in age-old philosophies, each style comes with its own school of thought concerning how a practitioner relates to himself, to others and to his environment. With that in mind, Draco Academy places a strong emphasis on courage, honor, respect and other key principles of right living. What you learn on the mat at our Illinois martial arts school can be translated to your workplace, classroom, home and beyond.

Try a class at Draco Academy’s Indiana martial arts school!

Looking for a place to study martial arts near Dyer, IN? Check out Draco Academy! We provide the best self defense classes Indiana has to offer, complete with sound teaching, a dedicated community and a program that engages your mind, body and spirit.

See for yourself! View our class schedule or call (219) 558-8228 to sign up today.

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