• By Mrs. S Walton - on Reply

    My daughter and son began taking Tae Kwon Do in August of 2013. At first they were a little scared to be in a class doing something that was unfamiliar to them. After the second class or so, they were very sure that taking TKD was what they wanted to do. In just over a year, both children have shown tremendous growth in descipline and in self control in TKD class, school and at home. The structure and foundation that Draco offers has inspired both my husband and I to take classes as well. I have personally taken classes since early 2014 and have found that I not only enjoy the classes but TKD has been good for my health and my physical appearance. The instructors are AWESOME. They are always positive, motivating, and inspiring. I could not have picked a better school for my family.

  • By shavon dampier - on Reply

    My son had been going to Draco Marital arts Academy for about 8 months now at the Homewood location and loves going there, he looks forward to classes and test weeks to see how much he has learn and the achievement of a new belt. Draco had help build my son’s confidence in public setting, it’s has also help him stand up and defend himself. The instructors are great they are patient and help your child with obedience and discipline. I will recommend this school to any parent that wants to instill these values in their child.

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