How to Fight Bullying with Patience and Confidence

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At some point in the life of a young person, he or she will likely encounter a bully. At school, or when hanging out with friends, children must learn to deal with bullies in a way that is safe, smart, and effective. It’s hard to teach children how to deal with the adversity of encountering a bully, but learning a martial art, with the help of Draco Academy, can help.

At Draco Academy , we believe the martial arts of Taekwondo and Hapkido are about more than self-defense. They are philosophies and techniques that allow people to relate to the world around them. The martial arts help teach young people the confidence, patience, and skills they need to combat bullies.


Beyond the obvious goal of teaching self-defense, the martial arts also inspire confidence. Most academies, including our location in Dyer, Indiana and Homewood Illinois, utilize a ranking system based on belts. This system gives participants an ultimate goal to reach for, with several measurable goals along the way. Each successive ranking gives youth a certain sense of accomplishment .

It also means mastery of a full set of new skills. Having these skills will give children the confidence to stand up for themselves when challenged by a bully.


Standing up to a bully requires more than just confidence. It also requires a fair bit of patience. Bullies feed on overreactions from people who tend to lash out in hopes of attaining immediate gratification. Mastering a martial art requires that participants have the patience to gain an understanding of each new concept learned. Some movements will come more naturally than others, and executing the ones that don’t come as naturally requires a lot of patience, time, and sacrifice. Just like mastering a martial art cannot happen overnight, getting a bully to back off requires the same type of persistence and patience.

Invaluable Skills

There are times, however, when all the patience and gentle persistence in the world won’t stop an affront from a bully. Of the 3.2 million students who are victims of bullying each year, few will face the need to confront a bully physically. But if that need ever does arise, children should be prepared to defend themselves. Martial arts, like Taekwondo, teach subjects how to use their bodies in a responsible way — to stop fights before they get out of hand. Stepping in and swiftly putting an end to conflict is what every martial artist is trained to do.

Do you think your child could benefit from a martial arts class? Contact us to see what Draco Academy can offer you and your child.


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