Draco Academy's Martial Arts Programs

Draco Academy’s martial arts programs are taught in an age specific syllabus format. Through regular attendance the student will receive the benefits they desire. The goal of all the programs at Draco Academy is to learn the skills of the martial arts while gaining better focus, physical ability and enjoying the practice of the Martial Arts. View our current schedule.

Jr. Dragons: This program is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 6. The students are taught lefts, rights, coordination drills, agility drills and teamwork drills. This curriculum gives the child a head start in learning better focus and concentration. It also incorporates all the physicality of the martial arts at a level they can understand and physically execute.

Children: This program is for children between the ages of 7 and 11. It includes all of the aspects of the Jr. Dragons with higher degrees of physical training and increased focus and discipline. This program also promotes bully proofing and improving self-confidence. All previous martial arts skills taught are tested on a regular basis to ensure that retention is evident.

Teens: This level will incorporate all the aspects of the children’s program but taught at a more intensive level. Age specific training that will be challenging, but taught at the level they can assimilate. More practical applications of self-defense will be explained and practiced. This program will also enhance their awareness of their surroundings learning mental as well as physical avoidance tactics.

Adults: The adult program is designed to improve flexibility, increase cardio strength and gain stress relief. This is taught in a non-competitive but challenging way. The adult student will learn practical self-defense. The emphasis for the adult student is for them to understand it is never too late to begin the martial arts. The adult program at Draco Academy has adults 20-68 years of age at all levels of training.

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