So, You Want to Be a Black Belt – Requirements for Taekwondo Belt Training

Most students who enroll with us here at Draco Academy want to know how quickly they can progress through the Taekwondo belt system. Essentially, how quickly can they achieve their ultimate goal to be a coveted black belt?

It goes without saying that to pass the black belt test requires considerable dedication, hard work, and mental preparation, but at Draco we’re dedicated to helping you be the best you can. For instance, testing is only done after you’ve worked through the minimum number of classes and demonstrated proficiency for that belt level. We want to set you up for success.

Here are a few other things to consider as you or your child begins Taekwondo training:

Have the essentials in place before you begin Taekwondo belt testing. You need to buy your sparring gear as soon as you commit yourself to working through the Taekwondo belt system. Most of our students have their full set before they attempt the third belt – green.

You should also be aware that there is a cost for each round of testing, from $45 to $75 depending on the level. However, if you do not pass the test on the first try, you can try again the following week at no additional charge.

There are minimum requirements in place to work through the Taekwondo belt system. Commitment and practice are an important part of Taekwondo training, so there’s a minimum number of classes and a set time period before you’ll be allowed to test. This is based on experience and knowledge of how quickly our students can master the skills and techniques needed to pass each test.

You’ll start with a white belt and must complete a minimum of 8 classes over at least 2.5 weeks before you’ll be allowed to test for yellow belt. The subsequent requirements for Taekwondo belt testing are as follows:

  • For orange and green belts – a minimum of 16 classes for each, over at least 6 weeks
  • For blue, purple and brown belts – a minimum of 24 classes over 12 weeks or more, with 2 cycles of testing

The following belt levels often require considerably more than the minimum number of classes before you will be ready for the testing cycle.

  • Brown/white, brown/black, red, red/white and red/back belts all require at least 32 classes over 12 weeks with 2 testing cycles.
  • Deputy black and black belts both require completion of at least 48 classes over 18 weeks, with 3 cycles of testing.

Every time you go through a testing cycle, you will be tested on everything you’ve learned up to that level.

It takes a lot of dedication, time and commitment to fulfill the requirements for black belt testing. Ultimately, we won’t let you try for a new belt until we know you’re ready. That means we’re continually assessing your technique, focus, memory and taekwondo etiquette at every class.

Our best advice is to stay calm, focused and trust in your teachers to get you physically and mentally equipped for every cycle of Taekwondo belt testing. We’ll let you know when you’re ready to tackle each test.

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Requirements for Taekwondo Belt Training
Current Belt Next Belt # of Classes # of Weeks # of Testing Cycles
White Yello 8 2.5 1
Yellow Orange 16 6 1
Orange Green 16 6 1
Green Blue 24 12 2
Blue Purple 24 12 2
Purple Brown 24 12 2
* Brown Brown/White 32 12 2
* Brown/White Brown/Black 32 12 2
* Brown/Black Red 32 12 2
*Red Red/White 32 12 2
* Red/White Red/Black 32 12 2
* Red/Black Deputy Black 48 18 3
* Deputy Black Black Belt 48 18 3
* Indicates where MOST students will need to attend more than the minimum to be ready to test

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