Stay in Shape this Summer with Our Taekwondo Training!

Children during training in taekwondo. It’s summertime! School is out, the sun is shining and there’s ample time for fun with family and friends. With more opportunities arising for rest and relaxation, it can be tempting to set aside your health and fitness goals. However, we encourage students at our Illinois martial arts school to stay in shape all year long! Among the variety of our self-defense classes in Indiana and Illinois, the taekwondo classes are a top choice for those looking to stay on track.

We offer taekwondo for 3-year-olds to 103-year-olds!

There’s no ideal time to study the martial arts – our taekwondo classes are perfect for students of all ages and skill levels. One deciding factor for those choosing between taekwondo vs. hapkido is taekwondo’s emphasis on growth and development. Students can take great pride in their journey as they master basics and strengthen both their dominant and non-dominant sides. They’re so amazed by the agility they hone and their improved stamina that they always come back for more. Don’t worry about getting started; pace yourself with our traditional curriculum and patient instructors. Upping your physical fitness game will be the most worthwhile mission you pursue this summer!

Maintain focus with our Illinois martial arts classes

Taking summer taekwondo classes isn’t just about staying busy. It’s about maintaining great wellness habits 365 days per year. As you learn various kicks, punches and blocks in our Illinois martial arts courses, you strengthen your ability to center your mind and command your focus. Developing in this area benefits students long after the sun sets on summer, especially if they are of school age. With no interruptions in development, children can make an easier transition back to the classroom in the fall.

Have fun and stay fit with taekwondo classes at our Illinois martial arts school

Staying in shape is more fun when you’re doing it within a supportive community! At Draco Academy, our students work hard to maintain a positive and encouraging learning environment for all. When you sign up for our self-defense classes in Indiana or Illinois, you won’t feel pressured to compare yourself or your progress to others. We’re all on our own fitness journey, but we’re in it together, eager to learn and passionate about the art of taekwondo.

Stay ‘summer strong’ with Draco Academy’s self defense classes in Indiana and Illinois

Tired of the traditional workout? Can’t bring yourself to sign up for another gym membership? Our taekwondo classes are perfect for 3-year-olds, and even 103-year-olds! Just come willing to learn and ready to work, with health and wellness top-of-mind.

It’s not too late to add one of our self-defense classes in Indiana or Illinois to your schedule. Find out how Draco Academy can help you stay in shape for the summer today! Contact us online, call our Illinois martial arts school at (708) 799-4824 or dial (219) 558-8228 for classes in Dyer, Indiana.


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