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Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that originated 2,000 years ago, combining self-defense techniques with combat. “Tae” means foot; “Kwon” means fist; and “Do” means the way – translating taekwondo, literally, to “The way of the foot and fist.” Taekwondo training distinguishes itself from other popular martial arts by its high kicks and fast hand techniques. Students wear a uniform known as a dobok, which is usually white but sometimes black, along with a belt indicating the student’s rank.

Taekwondo training focuses on developing both the student’s mental and physical strengths by developing their speed, balance, flexibility, and stamina. Taekwondo training generally includes a system of blocks, punches, open-handed strikes and various takedowns or sweeps, throws, and joint locks.


Hapkido training is another Korean martial art form that has an extensive range of fighting tactics for self-defense and striking attacks. Like in taekwondo, kicks play a big part in Hapkido but tend to be in a circular motion along with extensive movement below the waist. Other Hapkido training techniques include hand strokes, joint manipulation, wristlocks, throwing and weapons. Hapkido students advance through belt ranks like in taekwondo, but in addition, he or she will learn to defend him or herself against a new weapon within their new rank. Classes at Draco Academy for Hapkido are broken down by belt rank.

The Tenets of Martial Arts:

Courtesy – Behavior that demonstrates consideration, cooperation, and generosity
Perseverance – Determination, steadfastness, persistence in spite of difficulties
Self-Control – Exercising restraint over one’s impulses, self-discipline
Indomitable Spirit – Unconquerable courage, a “yes, I can” attitude
Integrity – Honesty, trustworthiness, and incorruptibility

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