Taekwondo vs. Hapkido: Which Should You Study?

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Martial arts, in all forms, are widely practiced and have a wide range of benefits. All forms support an active lifestyle, encourage focus and stillness, aid in weight loss, increase self-confidence levels, help tone muscles, and improve cardiovascular health.
Most students at our Illinois martial arts school in Homewood hone in on hapkido or taekwondo martial arts training. While these forms differ in technique and philosophy, they both emphasize the unity of the spirit and body through practice.

Are you curious about which martial art you should study? Try our quiz to discover the style that suits you best!

Who is your favorite martial arts celebrity?
a.) Bruce Lee
b.) Chuck Norris
c.) I like them all!
d.) No preference

What’s the strongest section of your body?
a.) I’m upper body dominant
b.) I’m lower body dominant
c.) I’m pretty well rounded
d.) I’m not sure

What kind of learner are you?
a.) I’m a hands-on person
b.) Patterns and repetition are a big help
c.) Teach me the fundamentals and I’ll work to apply them
d.) All of the above

What’s your fighting style?
a.) Fast and fierce
b.) Agile and strategic
c.) A mix of both, depending on the scenario
d.) I’m not sure

What interests you most about martial arts training?
a.) Learning to use weapons
b.) The mind-body connection
c.) New challenges and friends
d.) A great workout!

Mostly A’s? Try hapkido training at our Illinois martial arts school

Hapkido training centers around throws and joints, so if you’re a fan of swift, Bruce Lee-style punches, this technique would be perfect. While taekwondo encourages practitioners to achieve harmony with others and restore order through self-defense, hapkido training is considered to be more aggressive. Hapkido includes both long-range and short-range fighting techniques. This sport also teaches the use of common weapons like knives, swords, and ropes.

The philosophy of hapkido is based on three basic principles. First is non-resistance, meaning that practitioners should yield to their opponents by meeting force with minimum force while they deflect their opponent’s power. Next is circular motion, to encourage circular and flowing movements, as opposed to those that are linear. Finally, there is the water principle, which is a total penetration of the opponent’s defenses by utilizing continual attacks.

Mostly B’s? Check out our taekwondo martial arts training

Taekwondo students learn how to use kicks as a primary method of self-defense in order to overcome or overpower opponents. If you’re lower-body dominant and a big fan of Chuck Norris, you can channel those interests into this style pretty easily! Much of the taekwondo technique incorporates quick and powerful kicks, such as the front kick, sidekick, axe kick, or roundhouse kick. Taekwondo martial arts training helps to increase one’s mental and physical coordination. It also incorporates patterns. Patterns are a series of movements linked together in a preset sequence, and they come in both basic and advanced varieties. The more complex the pattern, the more skilled the practitioner is.

As for the philosophy behind taekwondo, teachers seek to bring practitioners to a higher level of consciousness. The philosophy also dictates that students of the sport should get rid of their ego, or what Zen-Buddhists call the “discriminating mind,” to live in harmony with the universe. The core of the philosophy centers around the concept of “duality” in nature, which refers to the interactions of opposing forces. Teachers of taekwondo believe that harmony is achieved when opposite forces are distributed equally and when a good sense of balance is found.

Mostly C’s? Our Illinois martial arts school allows you to try both

Who says you have to choose between taekwondo vs hapkido training? Many of our Illinois martial arts students study both styles. Dual study allows them to develop a well-rounded martial arts perspective. These students are able to apply different techniques and philosophies depending on the scenario, allowing them to remain agile, strategic and centered in practice.

Choose Draco Academy for hapkido and taekwondo martial arts training

Whether you’re looking to learn more about taekwondo martial arts training, pursue hapkido training, or simply explore the world of martial arts, contact Draco Academy today to sign up for classes in your area.


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