What to Do When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Go to Class

a cute karate kid not quite ready for the lime light.Classes are an investment in time, energy and money. Also, regular attendance is important to attain advanced level skills. Consider these five tips if your child is reluctant to attend classes.

1. Be mindful of your child’s activities before class. Are they having fun playing with toys? If so, that can wait until after class. If you still have trouble, assign them a chore or non-fun task 10-15 minutes before they need to get ready. Then they’ll be glad to stop working and go to class.

2. Be mindful you don’t inadvertently project the wrong attitude. If you’re aggravated, rushed or stressed when you’re getting your child ready for class, they may reflect your emotions. Be upbeat and positive as you get them ready, and they’re more likely to look forward to the activity.

3. Be careful how you respond to your child’s performance. If after class ends you emphasize all of the things they did wrong during class, those negative feelings may carry over. Limit criticism, or focus on constructive ways to help your child do better or interact more easily with their classmates.

4. Communicate with your child’s instructor. The goal is to foster motivation. Let the instructors know about your struggles so they can help to motivate your child before, during and after class. It takes a village, so don’t be afraid to ask for support.

5. To motivate your child, consider a reward. Your child’s brain is still growing. Most of their development comes from positive stimulation and experiences. Set expectations before class for their behavior during class. For example, attend and behave well at the next three classes, and we’ll stop for your favorite ice cream on the way home.

As parents, we can easily get caught up in the daily grind. We forget that situations like this require attentive and intentional parenting. Being a bit more thoughtful can enhance the Draco experience for you and for your child. Good luck!


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